We have a well-stocked library containing books on a wide range of Christian topics, including commentaries, books on church history and biographies of contemporary and historical Christians. There are also a number of DVDs relating to various aspects of Christian life and bible stories for children. Books and DVDs can be signed out for a reasonable period of time.

Jo Leaver administers the library: library@welwyn-evangelical.org.uk

Also on the church premises is a small bookstall which sells Christian books, Bibles and greetings cards, most of which we obtain from Christian Books Dunstable. Whilst we encourage everyone to read the Bible, good Christian books are useful to help us understand the Bible better, to be informed on specific contemporary issues and to be encouraged and challenged by reading the biographies of others.

Stan Evers runs the bookstall and is happy to help with you book selection or to order a specific title for you: bookstall@welwyn-evangelical.org.uk