Some history

The origins of Holiday Bible Club at WEC are lost in the mists of time, but we do have records going back to 1975 - over 40 years! Every year about 60 youngsters, and sometimes more, have gathered at Eastertime for 4 days of activities including bible stories and teaching, games, craft, singing and worksheets. We guess that there have been over 2,000 children from Welwyn and nearby places who will have been to Holiday Bible Club over the years.

Who comes to HBC?

Holiday Bible Club is divided into 3 age groups: Reception (but must be 5 yrs old) to Year 2 (Primaries) , Years 3-6 (Juniors) and Years 7 and up (11-ups). We regret we are not able to take children under the age of 5 years. However, we are able to be a little flexible about age groups to accommodate groups of friends. The groups remain largely separate for activities that are suitable to their age-range.

We are pleased to make Holiday Bible Club available free of charge. There is no entrance fee, or any money required for any of the activities.

When is Holiday Bible Club this year?

HBC this year will run everyday from Monday 8th April to Thursday 11th April 2019. We start at 9.30am, so please do arrive a few minutes beforehand (doors will not be open before 9.15am), particularly on the first day so that we can deal with registration and get off to a prompt start. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday will finish at 12 noon. On Thursday we have a special occasion to end the week, starting at 11.30 and finishing at about 12.15 to which all parents and carers are warmly invited. Please do make a note of this and make it a priority to come along - it is a terrific opportunity for the children to show you, and for you to talk to us, about all that they have been doing and is a very happy end to the week. The meeting will be followed by refreshments.

What do we do?

We have lots of fun finding out what the Bible has to say about all kinds of things, in stories and accounts of the lives of God's people and in particular about the life and times of Jesus. This year the theme is "Ups and Downs in the Life of David" - a look at various events in the life of David, the great king of the Israelites. Each day starts with a warm welcome and some lively activity to get us all awake and ready for action.

We might well sing some modern Christian songs (amazing how we remember things that we sing!), there will be a Bible based talk, some worksheets with puzzles, word-search, colouring, drawing, and a craft activity to make something connected with the theme of the day.

We then make lots of noise in games outside, or inside if desired, or if the weather is unduly wet, followed by refreshments. The morning is completed with an event, maybe in the form of an adventure story, which for the Juniors and 11-Ups is usually related to the theme of the week.

Many of the activities take place in small groups with a number of helpers so that all the children can receive any help they might need. We try to ensure that everyone has a fun-filled, worthwhile week that they will benefit from.

For the Juniors there are opportunities to earn reward points for coming along, bringing a friend, bringing a Bible and learning memory verses. There are simple items for which the points can be traded at "the shop" - very bouncy balls are definitely favoured above all others! The Primaries earn prizes for coming along and remembering their memory verse.

At the end of the week each child will be offered a bible of their own or a Christian book if they already have a bible.


We require each child attending HBC to be registered by completing a Registration form which provides the organisers with information about the child, parent/carer, emergency contacts and other matters of which we ought to be aware. The registration form is completed on the first morning at the time of arrival, or preferably beforehand, including on-line at this website. Children will be entered in a register at the beginning of each day.

Security and Safety

We take the matter of child safety and security very seriously. The church has a published policy, and all staff and helpers at HBC have an up-to-date DBS check. To our knowledge we have never had a serious mishap and have always enjoyed a very happy and safe week. We take great care to ensure that every child is personally collected at the end of each morning by an adult known to us.

Please note our collections procedure at the end of the morning to further ensure the safety of all the children. Each child must be "signed out" by the person collecting the child at the end of each morning. We need to know the name of this person in advance and there is a place on the registration form for this. It does not have to be the same person each day, provided that we know beforehand.

We do expect parents/carers to be helpful in this by being punctual at collection time.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Hilary Roberts, telephone 01438 715372, or email hilaryroberts@btinternet.com

We look forward to seeing your child/children (and you, on Thursday at 11.30 am!) at HBC this year.