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Welwyn Evangelical Church

Why 'Evangelical'?

Firstly, because we believe the Christian gospel or 'good news'. We acknowledge that we are sinners and recognize that our sin grieves and angers God, deserves his punishment and causes problems with our fellow human beings. Yet we have learned that God loves us and sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to this earth to die for sinners and be punished in their place. Through the death of Jesus, those who believe in him are forgiven their sins and come to know God for themselves. This new relationship with God is something that lasts for ever and so we have a sure and certain hope of eternal life with God after death.

Secondly, because we believe the Bible. We do not derive our beliefs, nor decide how to live, from 'tradition' or from the ever-changing opinions of men and women. We recognize the Bible as God's Word, his message to man. We learn from it about God, man and sin and the great salvation Jesus Christ has gained for those who trust him. We find there how to please God and how we can serve him in our everyday life.

Church History
The church was founded in 1792. Originally called 'Bethel Independent Chapel', it is still fully independent today.

Our Purpose
The church exists to worship God, to proclaim the good news that the Lord Jesus provides eternal salvation for all who repent of their sins and trust in him alone as Saviour, and to provide teaching and fellowship which help believers to live in a way pleasing to God.

Missionary Outreach
As well as evangelising locally in Welwyn and nearby villages, we support others who seek to bring the Word of God to people abroad. We help and have regular contact with missionaries in Spain and close links with others in many other countries.